How do I register with the practice?


How do I register with the practice?

How do I register with the practice?

When you register with us, you register with the practice and not a doctor. However, you may wish to state a preferred doctor you wish to see. Although you state a preferred doctor, this doctor might not always be available when you wish to see them. You will always be able to see another doctor if your preferred doctor is not available, otherwise, you will have to wait until their next available appointment.

Children under 5 will receive contact from the Health Visitor who will inform parents or guardians of the services available. If you take regular medication we would ask you to make an appointment to see the GP so that this can be entered into your records.

Please note that when patients join our practice we do not discriminate on the grounds of Race, gender, social class, age, religion, sexual orientation or appearance, disability or medical condition.

If you would like to register at this practice then please complete the registration form and hand into one of our receptionists.

Please note we only accept patients who fall within our practice boundary.


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