Vaccinations and Immunisations

Children will normally be called for routine vaccinations by the local authority, please call the practice once you receive a letter to make the appointment.

If you think your child may have missed any injections, do let us know. It is important that ALL children are fully protected.

Adults may make appointments with the practice nurse for travel and routine vaccinations. Influenza vaccinations are available in the Autumn for patients over 65 and those under 65 considered to be AT RISK. Pneumococcal vaccinations (protection from pneumonia) are available on request anytime for those over 65 or under 65 if you are considered to be AT RISK.

Patients in the AT RISK categories should always ensure they are up to date with pneumococcal and influenza vaccinations. Some patients may also require Meningitis immunisations. Please check with the nurse when you attend for your routine screening visits for your condition. Patients in the at-risk categories are those who suffer from some Chronic conditions.