Test Results

If you have had a test recently and would like the results, please call the practice on 01270 811440 after 11am. Please be aware that if if the clinician who views your results needs to see your regarding this, they will either contact you to make an appointment via reception or send you a text message with further details.

If you have online access via Patient Access or the NHS App, you will be able to review your test results.


If your doctor asks you to bring in a specimen, it should be handed in at reception before 12 noon, so that we have time to process it before our hospital courier calls to collect the samples to take to the hospital for analysis.

Could you please ensure that your name and Date of birth is on the specimen bottle so that we are able to identify who the sample belongs to, along with the date and time of the specimen was taken. We will also ask you to complete a short form when you hand it in to aid the clinician with processing the sample.

Specimen Results

It is the patient’s responsibility to collect the results of tests carried out at the practice. These will usually be available 7 days after the test was taken, although for some tests it can take up to a month before the results are available. Results can be obtained either in person or by phone between 11.30am and 2.30pm. If the Doctors comments on the results do not give you the information you need, please discuss this with the receptionist who may need to arrange for you to see one of our clinicians. Receptionists are not able to interpret results or offer medical advice.

If paper copies of results are required the Doctor will need to authorise this and so they will not be available immediately.